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Narissa A Joseph is an experienced and best divorce attorney at Law in New York City having a good success rate in serving her clients. She is known well for her legal services. If your are looking for a divorce lawyer in New York or need free divorce lawyers consultation in NYC ? CLICK HERE to book your appointment today or simply call us on : (212) 233-3060

We are a team of experienced & dedicated family and divorce attorneys based in New York United States. Our team of best divorce lawyers in New York work hard for the interest of our clients. At Narissa Joseph Law, we use our ingenuity and creativity to best address our clients’ needs and work rigorously to achieve their goals

A divorce can be a challenging time in your life. While emotions run high, you want an attorney who will help you focus on the important non-emotional factors of a matrimonial manner.

Our mission is to help you in most challenging phase of your life. We believe in helping our clients as a friend. We do not create false expectations with our clients. We will be direct and candid about your life post-divorce, including finances and assets. We advocates throughout the divorce process and afterwards, including any post-judgment issues or orders of protection.

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